Tough Mudder. If you’ve heard of this long-distance obstacle course on steroids, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. Twelve miles peppered with challenges like an ice-filled pool, electrical shock, grown-up monkey bars, and vertical climbing walls, the event requires strength and stamina – especially when it’s based […]

When Candace McCloud first came to Yelm Bootcamp, she figured out a way to avoid talking with anyone. “I didn’t like organized groups. I had tried to do a crossfit class before and it was miserable,”she says. “I can’t see without my contacts or my glasses on, so before I […]

Ginni Ratcliff was sitting in her car outside the gym having something akin to a panic attack. She was supposed to meet personal trainer Amy Honey for the first time to go over how to use all of the unfamiliar equipment, and it was scary. “I was a nervous wreck,” […]

The first time Jamie Honey went to do a wall ball at Yelm Bootcamp (now Elite Fitness Zone), it wasn’t pretty. In fact, he says, “It was terrible. It was a light weight and you’d barely see me move it more than an inch. But that was where I had […]